At Sea



At sea


We left normal life and the world as we knew it to go on an adventure. But then normal life disappeared for everybody, and the world is no longer recognisable to anyone. Before leaving small-town life in Denmark for 6 months on a yacht by the Australian east coast, we talked a lot with the kids about missing out and missing people.

But now, they are not the only ones.

It is more or less the same for everyone. The kids at home have not been able to go to school or have playdates for a long time. Sports, music, choir practice, birthday parties… it is all canceled. Everyone is missing out – wether we sit at home or on a boat in the Pacific. We can’t see our friends, we can only talk to family on the phone or via one of the many internet based services. We can’t go give grandma a hug.

Our adventure is different from what we planned: many places; islands, tourist attractions etc are closed and we have to negotiate our way into some ports, as authorities would prefer everyone to stay put, our friends and family can’t visit as planned which certainly enhances the feeling of solitude, and leaves us feeling more alone than we had bargained for. And we don’t know for sure, if flying home will be possible at the time we planned to go. But I am sure that everyone’s plans have been changed.

I bet everyone had hoped to do things, see people and go places, and now can’t do any of that. 


Eva og hendes familie er danske. De havde besluttet at sejle i seks måneder og tog i februar afsted fra Redland City Marina (Australiens østkyst). Indlægget er skrevet på engelsk, fordi det er i det engelske sprog, de lever deres hverdag – selv afskåret fra alle andre ude på det store hav.


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